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Leaving ...

Leaving ...

“Traveling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes.” Jan Myrdal

Here we are again .. about to leave. Even-though it’s not the first time, but the same pain is always there. Leaving family, friends and people we care about. Let me talk about the positive side, maybe this will help to go over the dark side as always. Well, I made such great friends out there, helped me to get through a lot of stuff, I remember last year around this time, I couldn’t complete my way without them after I lost something I shouldn’t lose. Also learning new things is a big help-through, I can say in this 2 years outside there I got A LOT, career wise and life wise. I learned how to deal with stress -thanks to KFUPM-. Lost weight << finally !

Sometimes I regret this decision, I mean working outside. But I believe in destiny. Sometimes we don’t know what is the best for us. And for me I always preferred the the easy way. It’s kind of easier to get a job in Saudi (home) and start from there. In fact this is the “ideal” option for all Saudis in general. By the time I let all of that down and went for the outside job, I didn’t realize or consider why I did that. But now I’m so thankful to Allah that he helped taking this decision. Yes it’s tough, yes I can’t see my family for months. But I’m building my self, I’m learning. I can go back and say I got something out of this, I didn’t waste my time.

Allah(God) Said in Quran “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” (إن مع العسر يسرا) twice in a row. It’s always like this, tough times is followed by great times. I might lost something out of this, I might made some wrong decisions, but I always try to see the bright side of everything. We might need sometime to find it, but for sure there is one !

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تبغى الصدق ؟ .. أكذب عليك .. هذا عذر عشان أجيك .. كل الحكاية اشتقت لك

(18 – Feb )


  • “What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger” and that’s what you’ve achieved my friend 🙂

    There’s this great feeling of fear, fear of not being able to walk alone out there, only the confident knows it’s just a normal feeling comes out of changing places and in time it will all go away.

    Your life begun the moment you made that decision, and look where are you now 😀 accomplished a lot !

    Things will get better and better insha’Allah 🙂
    Wish you the best.

  • Hanan, yup the positive side has more than the other one .. Thanks goes to Allah always =)

    I know it’s in my hand to get over this .. but still not the time yet =p

  • Hey,

    I have seen you email in Abu Nawaf Group today and it was interesting; specially with the local accent 😀 I would like to know more about Offshore Rigs. Another thing is, I chose this one exactly to comment on because I love traveling, yet I know how painfull it is when you have to leave all your beloved people. In my humble point of view, traveling gives you more than one life, a lot of experience and opens your mind to new perspectives. I would like to visit Malasyia sometimes 🙂

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