The Facebook Effect

The Facebook Effect, originally uploaded by Ahmad Al-Junaid.

It’s a book I’m reading right now ..
I’ll let u know more about it once I’m done reading =)

لم أنتهي* بعد من قراءة الكتاب
سيكون لي عودة قريبا ان شاء الله للتحدث عن محتويات الكتاب وعن هل يستحق الإقتناء أم لا =)ـ

( صححني إن كان من المفترض أن اقول : لم أنته ) *

Heey Uncle .. I’m Here

My Cute Little Princess

My Cute Little Princess

I named this photo as “Heey Uncle .. I’m here” coz she said that just before taking this shot (and every shot =p) .. in Arabic it sounds so cute “خالوو أنا هنااا” ..

Her name is Noor, I really miss her and her brothers also .. This shot was taken last month when I was in Saudi ..

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Leaving …


Leaving ...

Leaving ...

“Traveling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes.” Jan Myrdal

Here we are again .. about to leave. Even-though it’s not the first time, but the same pain is always there. Leaving family, friends and people we care about. Let me talk about the positive side, maybe this will help to go over the dark side as always. Well, I made such great friends out there, helped me to get through a lot of stuff, I remember last year around this time, I couldn’t complete my way without them after I lost something I shouldn’t lose. Also learning new things is a big help-through, I can say in this 2 years outside there I got A LOT, career wise and life wise. I learned how to deal with stress -thanks to KFUPM-. Lost weight << finally !

Sometimes I regret this decision, I mean working outside. But I believe in destiny. Sometimes we don’t know what is the best for us. And for me I always preferred the the easy way. It’s kind of easier to get a job in Saudi (home) and start from there. In fact this is the “ideal” option for all Saudis in general. By the time I let all of that down and went for the outside job, I didn’t realize or consider why I did that. But now I’m so thankful to Allah that he helped taking this decision. Yes it’s tough, yes I can’t see my family for months. But I’m building my self, I’m learning. I can go back and say I got something out of this, I didn’t waste my time.

Allah(God) Said in Quran “Verily, with every difficulty there is relief” (إن مع العسر يسرا) twice in a row. It’s always like this, tough times is followed by great times. I might lost something out of this, I might made some wrong decisions, but I always try to see the bright side of everything. We might need sometime to find it, but for sure there is one !

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تبغى الصدق ؟ .. أكذب عليك .. هذا عذر عشان أجيك .. كل الحكاية اشتقت لك

(18 – Feb )

When a JOB becomes a LIFE style

When a JOB becomes a LIFE style 1/2

When a JOB becomes a LIFE style

Let me tell the story about this shot .. one of the last year work =)

While we were driving in Bahrain ( Actually we lost the way =p ) .. we found a very small shop hiding between buildings .. it was for ( handmade baskets ) .. Luckily this time my camera was in the car .. so I stopped there to have a close look .. Unfortunately it was closed .. I asked the neighbors and they said an old man owns this shop and everyday he comes over in the afternoon ..

I really wanted to meet this guy coz the stuff he makes are very interesting ..

when I came back .. I found the shop open .. and &quot;Alhaj Ali&quot; was there ..

I was surprised ! he was blind .. and still makes baskets perfectly !

I had a little chat with him .. he started in 1989 .. I bought some stuff and asked him If I can take some shots and he didn’t mind at all ..

Really the place is awesome .. if you need anything from there I’ll be happy to send you some .. just ask =D

I wrote this one in August 14, 2008

One “Pop-up” Dream ..

you know, sometimes we have these weird dreams .. they pop up from time to another .. and they just disappeare in few days .. Well, I just had one of these in my mind .. but this time, I want it to be for real .. and as a first step ( and for sure I need a million more ) I decided to “capture” it as a blog ..

As a photographer .. Sorry, I mean as a “Semi-Photographer”, best moments come when a photographer reflects and converts such a beautiful seen or a magical landscape into a “Photo” .. a photo where is no eye can differentiate, is it really a photo ? Well, Someday I will achieve this level “Inshallah” ..

Back to my dream, (Yes I know I went far away but be patient =D) .. What I was trying to say is, different people have different ways converting these moments into a piece of “Art” .. Not any art .. It is True “art” .. Let me talk about this guy .. Allah(God) gave him this amazing voice .. he could of be like anyone one out there is singing for money, for fame .. but no .. he chose to sing for what  it  is more valuable .. for things that could make us better people .. the only thing I can do is asking Allah giving him the constancy in what is he doing ..

My Dream – Finally =p – is to have a photo-session with this guy .. It would be such an honor to me .. giving my camera the chance to take a valuable “moments” .. and convert them into “Photos” ..

Who knows =) ?

P.S. Did I forget something ? .. Nope .. I didn’t say who this guy is .. and I did that in purpose .. maybe someday if my dream come true you will know =)