One “Pop-up” Dream ..

you know, sometimes we have these weird dreams .. they pop up from time to another .. and they just disappeare in few days .. Well, I just had one of these in my mind .. but this time, I want it to be for real .. and as a first step ( and for sure I need a million more ) I decided to “capture” it as a blog ..

As a photographer .. Sorry, I mean as a “Semi-Photographer”, best moments come when a photographer reflects and converts such a beautiful seen or a magical landscape into a “Photo” .. a photo where is no eye can differentiate, is it really a photo ? Well, Someday I will achieve this level “Inshallah” ..

Back to my dream, (Yes I know I went far away but be patient =D) .. What I was trying to say is, different people have different ways converting these moments into a piece of “Art” .. Not any art .. It is True “art” .. Let me talk about this guy .. Allah(God) gave him this amazing voice .. he could of be like anyone one out there is singing for money, for fame .. but no .. he chose to sing for what  it  is more valuable .. for things that could make us better people .. the only thing I can do is asking Allah giving him the constancy in what is he doing ..

My Dream – Finally =p – is to have a photo-session with this guy .. It would be such an honor to me .. giving my camera the chance to take a valuable “moments” .. and convert them into “Photos” ..

Who knows =) ?

P.S. Did I forget something ? .. Nope .. I didn’t say who this guy is .. and I did that in purpose .. maybe someday if my dream come true you will know =)