IPad blogging .. Ooh yaa

Today is my first day with ipad .. It was a precious gift from my dear cousin Abdullah as he came back from Canada .. And Im leaving to Malaysia same day .. Weird life =D .. I believe this will help me a lot writing stuff ( blogging as a main thing ) .. Let’s see how long this writing desire will last ..

As I just mentioned up there .. Im leaving again to Malaysia after a “busy” two weeks back home in Jeddah .. I couldn’t get the chance to meet almost anybody, both friends and relatives .. Just close family .. When u leave home for long time u will come back finding a long list of stuff u have to do =D .. Including not limited to fixing stuff at home, finishing some pending items in a previous list from the last visit, and to give my family the “me” time that they missed by being away for months .. I don’t regret any minute I spend with my family, hoping someday I will be just there for them .. Nothing else will make me happier =D

Back to the life with nothing other than work .. Kind of excited to be back there after three months going from a place to place ( Oman / UAE / Saudi Arabia ) .. More about this will come soon “Hopefully” ..

The airplane is about to take off now .. So this will conclude this blog .. First blog using IPad .. I’m planning to make it as a frequent habit, blogging anywhere anytime .. C yaa =)