When a JOB becomes a LIFE style

When a JOB becomes a LIFE style 1/2

When a JOB becomes a LIFE style

Let me tell the story about this shot .. one of the last year work =)

While we were driving in Bahrain ( Actually we lost the way =p ) .. we found a very small shop hiding between buildings .. it was for ( handmade baskets ) .. Luckily this time my camera was in the car .. so I stopped there to have a close look .. Unfortunately it was closed .. I asked the neighbors and they said an old man owns this shop and everyday he comes over in the afternoon ..

I really wanted to meet this guy coz the stuff he makes are very interesting ..

when I came back .. I found the shop open .. and "Alhaj Ali" was there ..

I was surprised ! he was blind .. and still makes baskets perfectly !

I had a little chat with him .. he started in 1989 .. I bought some stuff and asked him If I can take some shots and he didn’t mind at all ..

Really the place is awesome .. if you need anything from there I’ll be happy to send you some .. just ask =D

I wrote this one in August 14, 2008