Ahmad .. the dead terrorist

Maybe you know what I mean by this title, If not have a look at this video:


I’m not going to talk about this particular video (which is 2 years old) .. I want to talk about the idea in general .. Is it true that this is what they  -you- see us as “Muslims” in the other part of the world ?

I agree that this is what the media shows, Muslims are people who know nothing, live in caves or above trees and thinking about killing other people. But we all know that media ,most of the time, is not “real”.

My name is Ahmad, I always get comments about this video, and still “The dead terrorist” is one of my 3 nicknames here ( I’ll write a separate blog about this later ) .. honestly, I don’t get mad about the name .. but I get mad when we just rely in such media about these facts .. Since when we judge based on what we hear instead of what we see ? .. “See” doesn’t include what you see in TV.

If I use the same way .. I will come with the conclusion that all white Americans are racist against other nations, all black people are criminals, Mexico still using donkeys as #1 transportation vehicle and French people using cheese as perfume. But this would be just wrong =) .

Have a look in this video as well .. this is what I mean “Positive”:


If you search and look around, and you still came up with the same conclusion, I will respect that, at least you did your part =)

First Blog

Now it has been around a year since I created this website

It was a project in my mind .. but I couldn’t finish it coz I had this job which took almost all of my time

I’m not planning to shut this website down .. I’ll keep it .. I’ve decided to make this blog as my personal blog

maybe someday I’ll have the time to finish what I’ve started =)

My apology, my name is Ahmad .. and this will be part of my world

there is no specific plan to what I’m gonna write here .. let’s say I’ll try to make it as natural as I can

maybe it will be a weird world .. sometimes stupid .. you will see by yourself =D


P.S. I would like to thank digitalnature for this lovely theme .. I’ll be using it for a while ..